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Online Development Resources


This course will showcase many online resources in the Go ecosystem to become familiar with to make your daily development efforts easier.

Resources Discussed

  • Official Resources
  • Community Resources
  • Books And Videos

Online Development Resources

There are a number of great resources online to find help for your specific problems. We have included many of the ones we feel are the best in this chapter.

Official Resources


  • The official Go site has a lot of great articles, tutorials, and "mini"-books on Go.

  • Effective Go A great "quick start" guide if you already have development experience.

  • has literally all of the GoDoc's for every published package out there. It's an amazing resource.

Community Resources


The Slack group is great place to ask for help from a variety of Gophers, including members of the Go team.

To get a free invite to the group, fill out this form:

Mailing List

Golang Nuts is very active and also a place you will find the core team both answering and posting questions to the community.


Golang Nuts is also on Facebook, although not as active as the mailing list.

Linked In

Golang Nuts can be found on LinkedIn as well. Again, not as active as the mailing list.

Books And Videos