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This course will showcase many online resources in the Go ecosystem to become familiar with to make your daily development efforts easier.

Resources Discussed

  • Official Resources
  • Community Resources
  • Books And Videos


You will find many of our free workshops and bootcamps posted to our YouTube - Gopher Guides Channel

Online Courses

Free Online Instructor Led Workshops

Gopher Guides offers free online instructor led workshops and bootcamps, along with more advanced paid courses. Stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter or watch the workshops page.

Online Self Paced

Gopher Guides offers a number of Self Paced online courses.

In Person Training

Is your company, or team, getting ready to do your first major Go project? We have been bringing companies up to speed for years with our customized training platform and curriculum.

We work with you and organization to create a completely customized training program tailored to your exact needs. We don't push prepackaged materials or outlines on you, because your business and project is unique.

With in person, on site, training a prominent member of the Go community travels to your facility to help get your team up to speed in as little as two days.

Gopher Guides - Customizable in-person and virtual training.

  • Go (beginning - advanced)
  • Web and Buffalo
  • Distributed Systems
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • IoT
  • and many more...


The Gopher Guides instructor team includes some of the most respected and accomplished leaders in the Go programming community. Their combination of hands-on professional experience, commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive Go community, and the education of Go developers make them an excellent resource for companies around the world that want to enhance their team’s skillsets and efficiency.